D.I.Y. Citrus Vinegar Cleaner

citrus cleaner.png

Instead of automatically discarding citrus peels into the garbage, start saving them in a glass jar in your refrigerator to make this D.I.Y. citrus vinegar cleaner! It’s a great natural substitute for harsh, chemical solutions and works just as well for disinfecting your kitchen counters and stovetop.

To make, just start collecting the peels from any citrus fruit (making sure that there are no remains of the fruit still attached) in a glass jar in your refrigerator. Once the jar is near full, pour in enough distilled white vinegar to fully submerge the peels and tighten the cap. Allow the mixture to sit on your counter for 1-2 weeks, until the citrus oils have infused into the vinegar and the clear vinegar has taken on a tint of orange. When you feel that the vinegar has taken on a sufficiently strong citrus scent, strain the liquid into a spray bottle and dilute it with about 25% water. You can use this cleaner on just about any surface except stone (such as marble or granite), cast iron, or aluminum.

Rau Răm

Rau răm, also called Vietnamese cilantro/coriander, has a taste that is similar to cilantro, but more peppery, somewhat citrusy, and slightly bitter. It is native to Southeast Asia and is a sturdy plant, growing back quickly after having been almost picked through for our restaurant’s participation in the L.A. Times Food Bowl! The photo below is taken just two weeks after the event, and as you can see, the plant is already producing leaves again with some sunshine and a good amount of water. Barely visible in the photo, rau răm leaves characteristically have a slightly dark, maroon shaped crescent on the base. We are hoping that this will become more visible with some additional time and love. Rau răm is best used fresh as a garnish over soups, curries, and salads!

Rau Ram 2

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