Chai Spice Tahini Swirl Brownies [USA]

Nothing heralds in the start of fall like the smell of warm spices baking in the oven πŸ‚. In our pantry, we have a pre-made blend of chai spice on hand that we used for this recipe, however, if you want to want to go the extra mile, you can make your own blend with a fragrant mixture of ground ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, cloves, and black pepper!

chai spice tahini swirl brownie.png

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Blueberry Mint Cream Cheese Galette [France]

blueberry galette 1.png

A galette is a free-form French tart and whether is it is filled with fruits, vegetables, dairy, or meats speaks to the personality of the baker. Galettes are rustically charming and incredibly forgiving to make. Ragged edges? Meh. Uneven folds? That’s okay too! The most important thing is to bake until the filling is gently bubbling and the crust reaches a beautiful golden brown color.

When combining the ingredients of the dough for the galette crust, try to handle it as little as possible. Overworking the dough will cause the development of too much gluten, which will result in an overly elastic dough that will shrink when baked and give you a tough crust instead of the tender, flaky crust that defines the best galettes.

blueberry galette 2.png

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Boston Cooler [USA]

Boston Cooler 1.png

Contrary to the name, the Boston Cooler as we know it (a combination of ginger ale soda and vanilla ice cream) comes from the city of Detroit. Purists insist on using Vernor’s Ginger Ale for the mix, however we went with the brand of soda that we already had on hand – and the results were still delicious!

This recipe is a no-recipe recipe (unless you intend to make your own ginger ale and ice cream, in which case, hats off to you) and you only need two ingredients:

  • Vanilla ice cream
  • Ginger ale soda

For the directions, scoop the ice cream into a cup, as much or as little as you like, then pour the ginger ale over to fill to the brim. Pour slowly to account for the rising foam! Some recipes call for blending the two ingredients together in a blender prior to serving, but that seems like just a tad too much work and extra dishes for a Wednesday night… cheers!

Boston Cooler 2.png

Lamingtons [Australia]

lamingtons 1

Named after Lord Lamington, or Charles Cochrane-Baillie, these delightful sponge cakes are coated in chocolate before being rolled in desiccated coconut. Our favorite lamington origin story is the one where his cook accidentally drops the Lord’s favorite sponge cake into some melted chocolate and instead of throwing the cake out, decides to cover the exterior in coconut to make it more presentable. It was then served to Lord Lamington and his guests, with the cake acclaimed as a success! So sometimes when you make a mistake in the kitchen, just go with it. It might become a popular dish in your name.

In place of desiccated coconut, we used unsweetened coconut flakes that we then chopped down into finer pieces. This gave our lamingtons more texture. And in the middle, we have a layer of strawberry jam, which brightens up the flavors of the cake and makes us feel less guilty eating it for breakfast… Jam can totally count as a serving of fruit, right? If you have your own favorite sponge cake recipe already, feel free to use that one in place of the below!

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